About Hisamitsu® ByeBye-FEVER®

Hisamitsu® ByeBye-FEVER® is a cooling gel sheet that cools your forehead when you have a fever. The gel contains water. The heat of vaporization generated by the evaporation of the water contained in the gel cools the applied area and it is expected that the cooling effect reduces the discomfort caused by fever. (No antipyretic effect)

It is a convenient item that you can always have on hand as part of your daily life, and can be used immediately in case of sudden fever in your beloved family.


  • Cooling sensation lasts up to 10 hours
    (8 hours for babies)

  • Strong adhesive power

  • Gentle to the skin

  • Safe to use with medications

When to use

Other than for fever, it can be used on hot days, sleepless hot nights, after sports or when you need to concentrate and stay focused.

Hisamitsu® ByeBye-FEVER® can be used in many situations.